Donating to Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Meet the Artist

Tara Larby is an Australian-based artist with a deep-seated connection to the land and an unwavering inquisitiveness for nature's wild creatures and places. A strong desire to support causes making significant, positive changes to environmental and wildlife issues has seen a recent re-immersion into the creative art scene bringing a positive fusion of fine art in support of wildlife.

Tara's former qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art as well as drawing and painting courses from the Lorenzo de' Medici School of Art, Florence. Starting out as a freelance sculptor, specialising in stone carving and bronze casting in Scotland, she now resides on the east coast of Australia practicing the fine art of detailed pen and ink stippling, bringing a sense of timelessness to her wildlife drawings.

The current collection of works are the product and culmination of over twenty years of wildlife observations and an ongoing dedication to conservation. Each drawing focuses on the uniqueness of the species whilst creating that special image that sings to its audience, sits up and commands attention.  

The unique style of drawing adopted in these intricate pen and ink drawings is an age-old technique known as 'stippling', which dates back to the early 1500s.  It is a method requiring a fine eye for detail along with significant amounts of time to build up an image using only dots.  Producing characteristically grainy, black and white images, stippling is a distinctive style, effective in enabling any artist to capture and portray their subject in a unique way.

With the launch of this first collection of fine art drawings, it is hoped there will be a sense of intrigue for the images and greater appreciation for our unique and charismatic wildlife.